Double-Shaft Shredder for Sale in Malaysia

Our double-shaft shredder is the hot-sale product products based on the high quality and multiple application. One of our customer from Malaysia bought our GD series double-shaft shearing shredder to process scrap metals and steel drum, the shredder working very well obtained the high praise from the customer.

Double-shaft shredder for sale in Malaysia

The Advantages of our GD Series Double-shaft Shredder

  • GEP Intelligent control and monitoring system, current and temperature overload protection, automatic lubrication, working hours record, auto reverse, auto maintenance alarm, can realize remove control, long distance diagnosis and cell phone monitoring (optional);
  • Siemens PCL system with touch screen cabinet, top brand of electrical parts;
  • Cutter material adopts Germany imported NiCrMo high alloyed steel, produce by our high precision machining tool, special cutter shape design according to the different material;
  • Main shaft adopts heat refined 42CrMo, with high anti-crash ability;
  • Siemens motor (Beide), big torque planetary reducer;
  • GEP patented integral shredding chamber, welded with annealing heat treatment, and processed by our high precision machining center, more stable and with long working life.

The Application of Double-Shaft Shredder

Scrap metals recycling, municipal waste disposal, waste tire shredding, plastic recycling, biomass fuel pretreatment, bulky waste recycling disposal and so on.

If you have requirements please just contact us, as the professional shredding and recycling equipment manufacturer and supplier, we can provide customers with appropriate overall solution.

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