Waste Shredder Malaysia

AIShred offers more than 50 models of waste shredders in Malaysia that can handle organic waste, garden waste, biological waste, industrial waste, demolition waste, used tires, hazardous waste and more. AIShred's waste shredders are used for safe destruction, landfill reduction, material recovery and energy recovery, etc.


Waste Textile Shredders for Sale to Malaysia

There are many kinds of waste textiles, which are usually divided into: waste fiber, waste cotton shavings, waste cloth, waste fiber and other mixtures of cotton and cloth, waste man-made fiber, waste leather, leather shaving mixtures, etc. These materials have high recycling value. Recently, our company has successfully signed a contract with a customer of a garment factory in Malaysia on the disposal of waste textiles. The main equipment includes GD6 double shaft shear shredder, GSS20 single…


Double-Shaft Shredder for Sale in Malaysia

Our double-shaft shredder is the hot-sale product products based on the high quality and multiple application. One of our customer from Malaysia bought our GD series double-shaft shearing shredder to process scrap metals and steel drum, the shredder working very well obtained the high praise from the customer.The Advantages of our GD Series Double-shaft ShredderGEP Intelligent control and monitoring system, current and temperature overload protection, automatic lubrication, working hours record…


How to Buy Waste Plastic Shredder Machine in Malaysia?

The complete set of plastic waste shredder is generally composed of conveyor, pre-shredder, magnetic separator, fine shredder and intelligent control system. The forklifts deliver the piles of plastic waste to the feeding port of the production line, enter the primary crushing, magnetic sorting, and then enter the secondary crushing through the feeding conveyor, and undergo sorting to obtain different types of products. There are many manufacturers and models of complete sets of plastic…