Waste Plastic Shredder

AIShred's waste plastic shredders can handle all kinds of plastics waste and plastic fibers waste, Whether for material recovery or energy recovery, you can always find the best shredder for your application.


AIShred in Recycling of Plastic Chemical Drums

The storage of chemical solvents is generally done in special plastic drums, also called chemical drums, the more common ones on the market are the big blue drums. Plastic drums are stable in nature and do not affect the stability of the stored solvents, they also have a good isolation effect on all types of corrosion and toxicity, and are therefore widely used in the chemical industry. The iconic big blue drums in particular, with their better shading properties, are used particularly often.…


Scrap Engineering Plastics Shredder Machine

AIShred Heavy duty dual-shaft shredder processes hard plastics almost regardless of their size and weight. Equipped with an energy-efficient drive, the system is easy to start and has high torque, has good efficiency and achieves a high throughput.More and more processors are using hard plastics such as polyethylene or the somewhat harder and more heat-resistant polypropylene when manufacturing packaging. In addition, there are increasingly the materials PA, POM and PET as construction…


Plastic Waste Shredding Machine for Sale

There are many kinds of recyclable garbage, such as glass, cartons, plastics and so on. Plastic waste is formally called post consumer plastic waste, which refers to waste plastic products after consumption or use. Plastic waste is a common waste in our daily life, so it is very usable and easy to recycle.How can we turn our recycled plastic waste into treasure?First of all, we must know that the recycled plastic wastes are different in size. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve unified…


Glass-fibre-reinforced Plastic Recycling Shredding Machine

Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic(GFRP or FRP) contains glass as a reinforcing component of the polymer matrix. Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic has a relatively high density and medium weight. It used in many products such as wind turbines. The GFRP does not decompose in landfill sites and cannot be burned either, as the fine fibres clog up incinerator filters.How to Recycling Glass-fibre-reinforced PlasticThe GFRP waste can be reduction to a small size and mixed with paper production residue…


Industrial Shredder for Polyethylene(PE) Waste

Polyethylene(PE) is a thermoplastic polymer of ethylene. It is an organic compound which is the most common plastic in the world.There are many types of polyethylene, which can be seen everywhere in our lives. The common ones are as followsLDPE(Low Density Polyethylene)HDPE(High Density Polyethylene)MDPE(Medium Density Polyethylene)LMDPE(Linear Medium Density Polyethylene)LLDPE(Linear Low Density Polyethylene)VLDPE(Very Low Density Polyethylene)ULDPE(Ultra Low Density Polyethylene)mLLDPE(…


How to Buy Waste Plastic Shredder Machine in Malaysia?

The complete set of plastic waste shredder is generally composed of conveyor, pre-shredder, magnetic separator, fine shredder and intelligent control system. The forklifts deliver the piles of plastic waste to the feeding port of the production line, enter the primary crushing, magnetic sorting, and then enter the secondary crushing through the feeding conveyor, and undergo sorting to obtain different types of products. There are many manufacturers and models of complete sets of plastic…