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There are many kinds of recyclable garbage, such as glass, cartons, plastics and so on. Plastic waste is formally called post consumer plastic waste, which refers to waste plastic products after consumption or use. Plastic waste is a common waste in our daily life, so it is very usable and easy to recycle.

Plastic Waste

How can we turn our recycled plastic waste into treasure?

First of all, we must know that the recycled plastic wastes are different in size. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve unified recycling. There is a key step. That is, the materials need to be shredded and then reused.

What equipment is needed to shred plastic waste? How does it shred materials?

Of course, it's the single shaft fine shredder manufactured by GEP ECOTECH. The fine shredder is also called single shaft fine shredder and single shaft shredder. It uses the interaction between the movable cutter and the fixed cutter, and controls the discharge particle size through the screen to cut, tear and extrude the materials to a smaller particle size. Fine shredders are often used for fine crushing of various solid wastes, which can process materials to smaller particle size at one time. They are widely used in resource regeneration, RDF (domestic waste derived fuel) production, waste volume reduction and other fields. It has the characteristics of small discharge particle size, replaceable screen, wide material applicability and high efficiency.

Plastic Waste Shredder

The motor drives the rotor through the reducer to drive the cutter to rotate rapidly. The material entering the shredding chamber is pushed between the movable cutter and the fixed cutter by the feeder. The cutter particles on the cutter shaft cooperate with the fixed cutter to cut and tear the material for shredding. The unqualified material is brought back to the shredding area by the fixed cutter to continue crushing, so that the material with discharge particle size falls from the screen to achieve the purpose of crushing. The size of the cutter and the opening size of the screen are selected according to the requirements of the user, and the screen can be changed according to the requirements of the discharge particle size.

Plastic waste shredders can not only bring huge economic benefits to customers, but also reduce the waste of plastic resources. The single shaft fine shredder manufactured by GEP ECOTECH performs well in shredding and recycling plastic waste. The configuration of intelligent system and dust suppression system can help customers obtain greater profits while reducing environmental pollution. If you are interested in plastic waste shredders, please feel free to contact GEP ECOTECH.

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