How to recycle the batteries of new energy vehicles

With the support of the state for new energy vehicles and the widespread concern of society, the sales of new energy vehicles are increasing year by year, and recently due to the international situation, the price of oil has increased significantly, the attention of new energy vehicles has increased a lot, and for new energy vehicles, the most important part is the battery, the current new energy vehicle battery on the market is basically a ternary battery or lithium iron phosphate batteries. Of course there will be other batteries, but the ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries together account for more than 90%, and for these two batteries, which contain nickel, cobalt, lithium and other metals, the current increase in demand for batteries, the supply of raw materials is tight, so the recycling of new energy vehicle batteries has become the focus of attention of major enterprises.image

The batteries of new energy vehicles are composed of pole pieces and other auxiliary materials, of which the battery recycling is mainly for the recovery of the pole pieces, and the pole pieces cannot be recycled directly, then it is necessary to first crush the pole pieces, but the crushing of the pole pieces may produce combustion, therefore, it is necessary to consider the fire, our GEP ECOTECH, independent research and development and manufacturing of the tower type hazardous waste crushing system, can be safe and effective battery crushing capacity reduction, and then sorted, and then use the wet or fire method for metal recycling of the pole pieces.

The development of new energy vehicles is fast, then the supporting battery technology and demand will also increase rapidly, at this time the market is a market that is favoured by all, if you have this demand, you can always consult us, then will arrange for professional staff to do customized service for you.

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