Industrial Shredder Selection

How to select a perfect industrial shredder right for your application? We have many suggestions, find the answer here.

How to Select Waste FRP Pipe Shredder?How to Select Waste FRP Pipe Shredder?

FRP(Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastics) is a widely used product in industry now. It can solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic products. At the same time, it has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, strong temperature adaptability and low cost. It can be used to manufacture various pipes, containers and other products, and use various waste gas, sewage discharge pipes, de-sulfurization towers, absorption towers and so on. As FRP wastes need to be incinerated, unqualified FRP pipes or containers during production or waste FRP products need to be sent to special incineration plants, cement plants and other industrial waste disposal sites for professional disposal. However, due to the large space occupied by products such as FRP pipes and containers and the high cost of direct transportation, it is necessary to crush and reduce the volume of these products before they are sent to the disposal center. FRP has high hardness and strength. We recommend to use a double shaft

How to Select a Single-shaft ShredderHow to Select a Single-shaft Shredder

Basic selection principles for single-shaft shreddersBefore assessing the suitability of any type of shredder, the customer's specific application requirements must be clearly defined.This includes:An analysis of the type and properties of the material to be processed.The type of feed required. What is the required particle size after crushing. What is the budget for the equipment.More detailed issues to consider are: Will the material be fed in bales, rolls, sheets or bulk for shredding? Does the material stream contain contaminants? Is there a need for capacity reduction or a specific particle size?As a rule, the higher the capacity of the plant and the smaller the required particle size, the more expensive the solution. For example, if the shredder is to produce 50 mm granules, then a system with a screen may be required to recover the material. Although screens can be used to obtain uniformly sized granules, they can cause some side effects, in particular they can significantly reduce throughput, some

AIShred: Top 5 Industrial Shredder Machine Manufacturers in ChinaAIShred: Top 5 Industrial Shredder Machine Manufacturers in China

When it comes to building machines for waste disposal and recycling companies, landfill, waste to engery, biomass, RDF/TDF and biogas as well as composting plants have come to the right place at AIShred - top 5 industrial shredder machine manufacturers in China. With its powerful, versatile and extremely durable shredding machines, the company supports its customers reliably and individually. The performance spectrum of the AIShred includes 1, 2 and 4-shaft shredders, crushers, granulators, screening equipment and more in different sizes, performance levels and equipment. At first, AIShred mainly designed and manufactured 2-shaft shredders. Gradually, other machines were developed. The 4-shaft shredders were recently developed and included in the portfolio. "With these four machine types, we are able to reliably shred almost any desired material," reports Fuzhong Wang, owner of AIShred.New Tire Shredding Plant in MacaoFor example, a large plant for shredding old tires was put into operation last year. The

Industrial Shredder for Sale in United States and CanadaIndustrial Shredder for Sale in United States and Canada

It is undeniable that there are several good industrial shredder manufacturers in the United States and Canada. For some beginners, purchasing from the local area eliminates a series of procedures such as customs clearance, saving time and worry. However, many people still choose to buy from China. Chinese shredders have the same or even higher quality than American products, but the price (product and wearing parts) is much lower. AIShred has already exported its shredders to the United States, in addition, many customers in developed and developing countries have used its machine. if you need, we will be happy to send you some case references of our shredders. Our GD series twin-shaft shredders that outperform competitors in its quality and durability. We provide necessary documentations, witnessed test, spare parts, maintenance and after-sale services. Our single-shaft shredders are effective for processing recyclable waste. Particle size can be adjusted by switching screen to shred into wanted size. Our

Guide to Industrial Shredder InvestmentGuide to Industrial Shredder Investment

Shredder, Crusher ,Granulator - Which one is better?Often, the terms shredder, crusher and granulator interchangeably. What's the difference? When you need to shred material into small pieces, it may cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to buy a machine, so how to ensure that you are not spending money in vain? To know the answer, we must first clarify two questions: 1) What kind of material do you need to shred and what is the original form of the material? and 2) What size (particle size) do you want the material to be shredded?These two factors will determine the right place for your investment. For example, is your material plastic, paper, rubber, PVC, old tires, household waste, wood pallets, construction waste, iron scrap, medical waste, or something else? What are you going to do with the materials after shredding? How big do you need the material to be shredded, for example 100mm, or 10mm, or smaller? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can choose the right machine

Guide to Industrial Shredder SelectionGuide to Industrial Shredder Selection

The environmental community agrees that "solid waste is a misplaced resource", so if you decide to use a shredder to dispose of them in order to make use of the "resource", beware! The wide variety of shredders on the market can be not only dazzling but also confusing. There are even a variety of equipment names: granulators, shredders, crushers, and so on. But for professional solid waste shredding equipment providers, such as AIShred, shredder generally refer to single-shaft, twin-shaft and multi-shaft shredding equipment. On the surface, there is a wide range of shredders readily available, and promotional videos show shredders that can always "eat up" material quickly, with amazing output and results. Unfortunately the reality is that no single shredder can handle different wastes perfectly. Providing the right shredding solution for solid waste requires a deep understanding of the performance and advantages and disadvantages of each type of shredder, and then careful selection. The basic principles of