How to Select Waste FRP Pipe Shredder?

FRP(Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastics) is a widely used product in industry now. It can solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic products. At the same time, it has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, strong temperature adaptability and low cost. It can be used to manufacture various pipes, containers and other products, and use various waste gas, sewage discharge pipes, de-sulfurization towers, absorption towers and so on.

As FRP wastes need to be incinerated, unqualified FRP pipes or containers during production or waste FRP products need to be sent to special incineration plants, cement plants and other industrial waste disposal sites for professional disposal.

However, due to the large space occupied by products such as FRP pipes and containers and the high cost of direct transportation, it is necessary to crush and reduce the volume of these products before they are sent to the disposal center.

Waste FRP Pipe

FRP has high hardness and strength. We recommend to use a double shaft shredder to crush and reduce the volume of waste FRP products. Because of its reliable performance, large shear force and convenient maintenance, the above picture is the test machine picture of a customer of ours for the FRP pipe produced by the customer. It can be seen that the pipe thickness is very large (nearly 2cm). The effect of entering our experimental equipment for preliminary crushing is as follows:

Waste FRP Pipe After Shredding

GEP ECOTECH is a manufacturer of solid waste crushing equipment. We have a variety of types and models of crushing equipment to choose from, not only for FRP, but also for the pre-treatment of various other solid wastes. We have small to large-scale equipment to choose from. We also have highly experienced engineers in the industry, who can design different crushing solutions according to your material characteristics and final output needs.

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