Waste Shredder Machine for Sale Philippines

Two-shaft shredder GD6 for Sale in Philippines is designed for coarse primary shredding of large-sized, voluminous, thick-walled and hard-to-grind wood waste, various plastics, rubber, polymer fabrics, and other solid waste.

Waste Shredder Machine for Sale Philippines

In a twin-shaft shredder, waste is shredded by several dozen specially shaped "hook-shaped" cutting knives located on two parallel shafts rotating in opposite directions at low speed.

The material of rotary knives is high-quality tool alloy steel 42CrMo with high hardness, strength, and wear resistance.

The GD6 double-rotor shredder is controlled automatically by the Siemens controller, with the functions of start, stop, reverse and reverse.

When one of the rotors stops during operation, the reverse is automatically turned on for a period of time programmed by the operator, and then forward rotation is turned on again.

Each shredder rotor is equipped with a powerful gearbox with high overload capability. It also has overcurrent protection.

The GD6 shredder features low operating noise, high torque and low rotation speed.

The twin-shaft shredder GD6 effectively shreds woodworking waste, various wooden board materials, cables, tires, household appliances, electrical waste, hard drives which is a very commly waste in Philippines.

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