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The growth of the economy and the improvement of living standardshas led to the generation of a large amount of waste, and at the same time, increasingly strict environmental regulations require us to adopt and change advanced waste management technology. In addition, the use of secondary raw materials obtained from MSW is most relevant in the current depleted state of natural resources. It is also impossible not to consider the issue of waste recycling from an economic point of view. Why throw away waste that can be sorted, recycled and used to produce new products.

To better meet these challenges, GEP ECOTECH offers press equipment to waste collectors and processors. Depending on the amount of pressed material, the time of its arrival and the allotted area, vertical or horizontal presses of different capacities can be used.

Our presses allow not only to reduce the amount of waste, but also to present them in the form of neatly packed briquettes of different weights and sizes, which is convenient for storage and further transportation. The advantages of briquettes are obvious - the cost of transporting and disposing of solid waste is reduced by 6-8 times.

Often, waste processing requires that they be ground to "chips" of a certain size, and sometimes to a powder state. Different models of shredders-shredders will help to solve this problem.

Depending on the types and volumes of waste used, we offer single-shaft, two-shaft and four-shaft shredders.

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