Industrial Wood Pallet Shredder

Mar 16, 2022 508 AIShred

For pellet production in the part of world, the issue of lack of raw materials is increasingly becoming serious. At the same time, there is the problem of recycling by shredders and the use of wood waste that accumulates in landfills. Moreover, the largest share falls on containers and packaging:

Shredding with twin-shaft shredders leads to an illiquid product: the chewed chips still firmly hold the hardware, and complete separation with a magnetic separator is impossible. Such a product is difficult to use as a fuel, because. nails and self-tapping screws quickly clog the grate. Processing into biofuel is also problematic: metal inclusions quickly wear out and damage the working parts of shredders, granulators, and also increase the ash content.

Industrial Wood Pallet ShredderIndustrial Wood Pallet Shredder

There are two solutions:

  1. Installation of a single-shaft shredder with a hydraulic pusher. A fairly common option: it produces a fairly fine fraction with an appropriate sieve, it works in automatic mode when the control panel is equipped with load monitoring, high-speed hydroelectric station, heating, etc. All these options lead to a significant increase in price, although the price / performance ratio is scary already in the basic version.
  2. Installation of a hammer shredder with an infeed and outfeed conveyor equipped with a magnetic separator. In fact, it is a conventional hammer crusher for grinding dolomite, chalk, equipped with conveyors and ribbed wood for processing wood raw materials. The equipment is similar to the usual one for a drum chipper, only the conveyor is the width of the pallet and instead of knives there are hammers.
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