What Is a Good Double-Shaft Shredder Like?

The double-shaft shredder has always been the core equipment that people pay the most attention to in the field of solid waste disposal. There are also various types of double-shaft shredders on the market, and the quality is uneven, causing many environmentalists to have a headache when choosing a double-shaft shredder. So, what aspects do we need to start from when choosing a double-shaft shredder? Below, we will introduce what a good double-shaft shredder looks like?

Double-Shaft Shredder

AISHRED has been focusing on the manufacturing industry of double-shaft shredders for many years. Below, we will introduce AISHRED's double-shaft shredders:

1. Integrated Cutter Box

The cutter box adopts an overall annealing process to avoid pre-stress caused by welding, with higher mechanical strength and less deformation after long-term use; The upper and lower bodies are integrated and formed through a large gantry machining center, resulting in higher machining accuracy.

2. Movable Cutters

Integral movable cutters, can be repaired by welding and reused multiple times; CrNiMo high hardness wear-resistant alloy steel imported from Europe is processed by CNC grinding machine and wire cutting machine, ensuring high machining accuracy. The cutters have good wear resistance and moderate toughness. The cutters can only be assembled after passing multiple tests such as ultrasonic testing, hardness testing, and size testing.

3. Anti-Winding Fixed Cutters

The fixed cutters are processed from high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, installed individually and fixed in groups, with wear resistance, strong interchangeability, and longer service life; The arc-shaped anti-winding design, coordinating with the cutter spacers, also has a good tearing effect on flexible materials such as textiles.

4. Main Shaft

The main shafts are made of high-strength alloy steel material, with high machining accuracy, durability, and long service life; Adopting German standard spline connection method, it has high transmission torque, high positioning accuracy, uniform stress, and strong load-bearing capacity.

5. Multiple Sealing and Centralized Automatic Oil Injection System

Imported bearings with multiple sealing structures, waterproof, dustproof, and anti fouling, with a longer service life; The automatic oil injection system maintains sufficient oil in the bearings to avoid bearing damage and ensure stable equipment operation.

6. Intelligent Monitoring System

The GI intelligent monitoring system provides real-time feedback on equipment operation data, automatically alarms and shuts down faults, ensuring safe equipment operation; Equipped with a human-computer interaction interface, making management and operation more convenient, saving manpower and time costs.

7. Dual Drive Optional

  • Option 1: Driven by dual three-phase asynchronous motors and dual planetary reducers, with strong power, high torque, and reliable operation;
  • Option 2: Hydraulic drive, imported core hydraulic components, closed system constant power asynchronous control, adjustable and controllable speed, and large driving force.

The above is a brief introduction of advantages of AISHRED's double-shaft shredder. Should you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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