Food Waste Shredder Machine for Making Black Soldier Fly Feed

The production of black soldier fly feed requires the use of a food waste shredder to achieve the functions of bag breaking, fiber crushing, bulk material crushing, and dispersing. How to choose a suitable food waste shredder for making black soldier fly feed? Today I would like to recommend such a device to you.

GDF food waste double-shaft shearing shredder is a shredding machine specially developed and designed for the characteristics of food waste. The equipment has strong material adaptability and is not limited by moisture. Waste oils, raw meat residues, leftovers, bones, lunch boxes and other food wastes are pretreated by shearing and shredding, which lays a good foundation for improving the efficiency of subsequent disposal. Let us see the advantages of GDF series food waste shredder:

GDF food waste double-shaft shearing shredder

  1. The key components are made of 304 stainless steel with long service life.
  2. The bearing is designed with multiple seals to adapt to the wet and oily environment.
  3. High-alloy tool with long service life; good interchangeability.
  4. The spindle has been heat treated for many times and processed with high precision, and has strong anti-fatigue and impact resistance.
  5. Intelligent system control, multiple intelligent monitoring and protection, to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

How do black soldier flies deal with food waste?

After the food waste is collected, it is automatically sorted, crushed, bio-fermented and deodorized, and processed into food that insects like to eat. Finally, black soldier fly larvae and insect excrement are obtained, and its manure is also a treasure, it is an organic fertilizer for growing vegetables and fruits, and the whole process realizes the natural cycle of nutrition. A city with a population of one million produces about 100 tons of food waste every day, 20 tons of live insects and 40 tons of insect excrement.

Food waste

The use of black soldier flies to treat food waste has the advantages of high treatment efficiency, short cycle, high product value, and less secondary pollution. This food waste treatment technology is worthy of vigorous promotion. We have rich experience in making black soldier flies feed projects, such as the Shanghai black soldier flies processing food waste project, our equipment has been greatly recognized by customers. If you want to know more about projects and food waste shredders, please contact us!

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