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Apr 7, 2022 183 AIShred

AIShred twin shaft low speed shredders are designed to reduce the volume of various materials by grinding the feedstock to a smaller size fraction. It can process materials such as: all types of MSW, C&I Waste, any wood, tires,, plastic wastes, carpets, mattresses, sofa and other materials.

Low Speed Double Shaft ShredderLow Speed Double Shaft Shredder

By reducing the volume of the source material by several times, this equipment can be used in the following cases:

Shredders can be driven either by electric motor or by hydraulic. They can be both stationary and mobile with various movement systems. The capacity from 1 to 200 t/h makes the shredders a universal tool for working with almost any material.

AIShred shredders are the result of many years of work by our engineers and designers, based on the practice of operating equipment in various areas of material processing.

Advantages of AIShred Low Speed Industrial Shredder

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