Industrial Solid Waste Instead of Coal, the Super Hot Alternative Fuel Preparation Technology in 2023!

Industrial waste realizes its final value in factory production and is hidden in the corners of factories because there is no way to be discarded directly, plus the high price of disposal.

In the "double carbon" target, high coal prices, cement companies increasingly hot competition and other comprehensive background, alternative fuels and co-disposal has received more and more attention, the wave of industrial solid waste preparation of alternative fuels was born. AI Shred environmental protection alternative fuel preparation technology can turn industrial solid waste into reusable "coal" energy, industrial waste disposal is no longer a problem!

What are the categories of industrial waste?

Industrial waste is divided into cloth and leather trimmings from garment factories and shoe factories, waste residue from paper mills and twisted rope braid material, fiberglass trimmings, waste rubber and plastic, etc. From the perspective of resource recycling, these wood materials to leather trimmings, they can all be sorted out again to improve the calorific value for resource reuse.

The journey of transforming industrial solid waste into "coal"

The reason why industrial waste can not be directly used is that its composition is complex and its calorific value is low. It can be used as an alternative fuel after proper crushing and separation process. The industrial waste disposal system provided by AI Shred Environmental Protection can treat solid waste into SRF/RDF with high standard rate and high quality.

The industrial waste disposal system disposes the industrial waste into alternative fuels through "crushing, sorting, shaping" and other processing processes. First, the materials with different sizes should be crushed, and the coarse crusher and fine crusher should be selected to realize the homogenization of materials. Secondly, the iron separator is selected to magnetically separate metal materials and collect them separately, thus completing the screening of metal materials. For light and heavy materials, select air separation equipment to screen out heavy and light materials. Then, the combustibles enter the RDF forming mechanism to prepare fuel rods to improve the combustion performance of the fuel.

Industrial Waste Recycling Line


Innovative design is stable and reliable

The industrial waste shredder uses European technology for reference, innovates product design, and crushes materials to a smaller size through the comprehensive principle of shear crushing and shredding. The equipment is intelligent, efficient, stable and reliable. The calorific value of the alternative fuel after two-stage crushing and separation is about 5000cal/g, the moisture content is less than 10%, the average particle size can reach about 30mm, and the material shape (particle size and moisture) meets the technological requirements of cement plants, power plants and steel plants.

Intelligent fire safety and efficiency

For the hazardous waste crushing process in industrial waste, the equipment needs high safety and airtightness. The industrial waste shredder is equipped with nitrogen and carbon dioxide fire protection system and safety protection door. When the equipment encounters fire, it can automatically detect, automatically stop and close the fire gate, automatically start the fire protection system, protect the safe operation of the production line in real time, eliminate sparks and flames in the "swaddle", and avoid fire losses.

Sealing structure is equipped with dust removal system

GEP ECOTECH Industrial Waste Pretreatment System has a full-process sealing structure, and the system is also equipped with a dust removal system, which can effectively dispose the dust generated in the crushing process without secondary pollution.

Intelligent control automatic operation

Industrial waste disposal has developed from artificial to mechanized, so the matching control system should be upgraded to intelligent and data. Zhong'an Environmental Protection Industrial Waste Disposal System is equipped with intelligent operation and maintenance control system to realize intelligent operation, safety interlocking, collaborative operation and maintenance, digital management, intelligent protection and other functions.

The preparation technology of alternative fuel from industrial solid waste can not only solve the problems of complex composition and low calorific value, but also improve its combustion efficiency in the unit volume of cement kiln, so as to achieve a higher heat substitution rate. In this way, the use of fossil fuels will be gradually replaced to achieve a new ecology of "economy+low carbon"!

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