Eddy Current Separator for Sale

The Eddy Current Separator(ECS) is an industrial equipment that is used by waste treatment plants around the world. This technology enables easy and efficient recovery and separation of valuable non-ferrous metals such as brass, aluminum and copper from any bulk material for reuse.

Eddy Current Separator

The principle of operation of the separator is based on eddy currents, which are generated in materials due to magnetic fields rotating at an increased speed. Non-ferrous metals disturbed by eddy currents are "catapulted" out of the waste stream as they pass through the belt.

Why choose GEP ECOTECH eddy current separators?

  • First-class quality at an attractive price
  • Adjustment of rotor position during separator operation = best separation results
  • Easy replacement of the protective shell of the magnetic rotor
  • Quick change of conveyor belt
  • We will test your material for free and offer the most suitable device

Eddy Current Separator

GEP ECOTECH eddy current separation equipment has excellent performance in extracting non-ferrous metals from mixed municipal waste, PET bottles, PET flakes (flex), shredded cable, plastic, electronic and electrical equipment, cullet, scrap, wood chips, waste incineration slag and other material streams.

GEP ECOTECH is a material recovery system solution provider, we provide a full range of shredding and volume reduction, sorting/classification, conveying and intelligent control equipment.

We look forward to working with you to create more possibilities for your next project.

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