Solid Alternative Fuel Production: Intelligent Treatment of Paper Waste (Ragger Wire, Heavy Slag, Light Slag) for RDF

In the pulp and paper production process, it will produce a variety of solid waste (i.e., slag), for example, an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of paper mills, the amount of slag accounted for about 10% of the amount of slag, i.e., 100,000 tons / year, which is a huge number, and highly concentrated, such as improper disposal, but also cause significant pollution and endanger the ecological environment.

The composition of paper waste is very complex, mainly contains: rope, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, paper residue, wood chips, rubber, plastic, electronic parts, wire, nails, aluminum cans, PE plastic bottles, waxed paper and glass, stone and sand. Paper waste residue can be used to make solid alternative fuels, a utilization that not only reduces waste, but also replaces traditional fossil energy sources and reduces carbon emissions.

ragger wire

The plastics in paper waste residue cannot be degraded, and direct stacking seriously affects the ecological environment. At present, there are paper waste separation and decontamination difficulties, low degree of resource utilization, terminal treatment of sloppy and other issues, resulting in waste of resources and the existence of certain environmental risks and safety hazards. With the tightening of environmental protection policies, the development needs of the paper industry's cleaner production and solid waste disposal technology upgrades, paper waste energy utilization is the general trend. Paper waste residue in the combustible components accounted for more than 80%, moisture content of 50% -60%, by the pre-treatment system of grabs or chain plate loading, multi-stage shredding, magnetic recycling, density screening, eddy current sorting, conveying and other processing procedures, effective separation of metals and inert non-combustible, to obtain a uniform particle size of the combustible material, the stability of the boiler combustion is very favorable, and at the same time, can reduce the generation of secondary pollution.

RDF production line

Paper waste residue (ragger wire, heavy residue, light residue) RDF solid alternative fuel intelligent treatment system manufacturing process for dehydration molding, sorting process will be separated from the metal, heavy materials, etc., significantly reduce the impact of the later on the boiler combustion, the manufacturing process does not produce harmful exhaust gas. The water content of fuel rods is <20%, and can be <15% after storage for a period of time, which has good anti-corrosion properties, and will not absorb moisture and crushed, easy to transport. The calorific value is about 5000 kcal, and the shape is consistent and uniform, which is very conducive to stable combustion and improve efficiency, which is very favorable to the stable combustion of the boiler, and at the same time, it can reduce the generation of secondary pollution. The whole set of production system covers a small area, can be set up next to the papermaking pulp line, solving the problem of secondary transportation of waste residue and washing effluent treatment, providing a strong guarantee for the clean production of papermaking enterprises, reducing pollution and carbon synergies.

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