Industrial Crushers and Shredders for Biomass Production

Apr 20, 2022 455 AIShred

Every year, hundreds of billions of tons of organic biomass are formed on Earth - the waste products of living organisms. Biomass produces 10 times more energy than all the inhabitants of the Earth need today. Biomass ranks 5th in the list of renewable energy sources - after solar, wind, water and geothermal energy. 

Biomass sources are:

Biomass(Wood Chips)Biomass(Wood Chips)

Biomass Processing Methods

The conversion of biomass into fuel or thermal energy is carried out in five main ways:

When choosing the most suitable processing option, consider a number of nuances - from the cost of the processing plant itself to its productivity and ability to work with different materials. The pyrolysis model is a universal option for obtaining energy from organic waste.

Biomass preprocessing with industrial shredders

Before processing biomass, we need to homogenize it to improve the efficiency of subsequent processing and reduce pollution and waste.

Stationary Biomass Fuel Production PlantStationary Biomass Fuel Production Plant

The industrial crusher or shredder is one of the most ideal equipment for the pretreatment of biomass materials. It has the following advantages:

The industrial shredder is the main component of the fuel pretreatment system used in many biomass power plants.

AIShred offers industrial shredder & shredding system for your biomass preprocessing task for any applications.

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