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Pallets are widely used in wholesale and retail trade, as well as in the transportation and storage of goods.You can’t do without them in warehouses, on racks, as they help organize space and move several goods from place to place at once.

Most pallets are made of wood, connected using iron nails, and some are made of plastic or other synthetic materials. The scrapped pallets can be used for many purposes after being shredded by a shredder, such as MDF, fuel, etc.

The GDI series two-shaft shredder is the flagship for processing of waste pallet, available in mobile and stationary versions. It has enjoyed great popularity due to its highest reliability and "intelligent" shredding system. During this time, more than 60 shredders of the GDI model have been delivered.

Pallet Shredder Machine

Two chopping shafts with separate independent drives provide maximum flexibility in working with a wide variety of materials! Shaft rotation speeds, rotation direction and reversal time, etc. parameters can be adjusted depending on the type of material.

A special "smart" algorithm for asynchronous rotation of the shafts avoids winding wires, ropes, long-staple fabrics, etc. on the shafts. This significantly increases the maximum throughput of the shredders. The unique twin shaft system reduces shredder wear and downtime compared to synchronous shredders.

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