Scrap Aluminum Profiles Shredding & Recycling Plant

Recycling aluminum profile waste - it is a profitable and efficient activity. The aluminum profile is often used in construction and decoration of houses, as this material has a long service life and an attractive appearance.

However, any material needs to be replaced and the aluminum profile is no exception. Recycled aluminum is a high demand product and its characteristics are not inferior to the primary material, and much less resources are spent on remelting. Optimizing the loading of furnaces for the processing of waste aluminum profile material requires proper preparation of the material.

The aluminum profile is less and less common in its pure form. Since aluminum has poor sound insulation and thermal conductivity characteristics, it is very often combined with carved or plastic. This improves the consumer properties of the product, but complicates processing. An aluminum profile with inserts cannot simply be pressed to increase density.

In this case, for the processing of aluminum profile waste, we recommend using the technology of shredding and subsequent separation on an eddy current separator.

Shredders with two rotor (shaft) and cutting knives from the GEP ECOTECH company, are widely used for shredding aluminum profiles. These shredders have proven to be powerful machines that handle a wide variety of waste, including aluminum profile waste.

The mechanical drive of the shredder of the GDI model range effectively shreds the aluminum profile to the desired size, opening closed areas as necessary for the subsequent separation of inclusions. At the outlet of the shredder chamber, a grate is installed, which calibrates the outgoing material by size. The size of the shredder grate is adjustable depending on the wishes of the customer and the subsequent application of the product.

A cascade-type separator with air supply is used to clean the shreded material from fine and light fractions, and a magnetic roller is used to separate ferrous metal. After these two cleaning steps, the material is ready to be fed to the eddy current separator, where the final separation of metal and plastic or rubber inserts takes place.

Today, eddy current separation is the most effective way to process aluminum profile waste. As a result of the full cycle, a refined metal is obtained, which has high indicators in terms of purity and density.

In an era of skyrocketing metal prices, aluminum scrap recycling is a high-yield investment. We will help you achieve business planning, avoid risks, and help you make profits quickly.

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