AIShred Launches Its New Version of Single Shaft Shredder Machine

Ahead of China's National Day, GEP ECOTECH has released a new generation of heavy duty single shaft shredders. This new series shredders has been revolutionaryly upgraded, our engineers not only fully adjusted its structural design, but also strengthened the equipment as a whole. The upgraded equipment has stronger shredding capacity and better processing effect in processing of high-strength and complex materials in large production lines.

GSE 3 Single Shaft Shredder

The new product has so many upgrades that it can stand out in numerous applications. Whether it is volume reduction, material recovery or energy recovery, the GSE 3 provides not only reliability, but also greater durability and higher discharge material quality.

"The first machine will be applied to the industrial waste disposal project in Zhejiang, China. In addition, we also provided a twin-shaft shredder and an RDF granulator. The customer is quite satisfied with the solution we provided, we are sure it will give our customers a super competitive advantage", said Luhao, the chief technical engineer.

GEP ECOTECH designs solid waste recycling plants and customizes the equipment according to specific application. Welcome to contact us for your own solution.

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