Waste Fabric Shredder

AIShred Industrial shredders can handle large volumes of fabric waste, like Waste carpets, clothing scraps, leather textile, etc.


Affordable Single Shaft Shredder for Sale

The GSS series single shaft shredder is the perfect machine for the fine shredding sector: thanks to the trapezoidal blades and the reduced rotation speed, it is able to guarantee excellent performance in terms of energy consumption, production and maintenance.The structure of the machine is made up of very thick electro-welded sheets, such as to guarantee sturdiness and reliability over time. The shredding takes place through the cutting action of the rotating blades on the fixed blades which…


Fabric Waste Shredding for Recycling & Alternative Fuel

Waste, trimmings and discarded textiles, clothing and leather from the textile and garment industry are solid wastes that are as difficult to degrade as plastics. Simple piles or landfills not only take up space but also pollute the environment and cause waste. Using proven systems for shredding these materials, these wastes can be recycled for fibre or processed into boiler fuel for power/heat generation.AIShred has a proven solution for shredding waste textiles, using industrial grade twin…