How to achieve resourceful recycling of waste

Apr 6, 2022 48 IShred

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment and non-renewable energy. At the same time, urban organic waste waste has also increased with the improvement of people's living standards, and since 1979, China's urban waste has grown at an average rate of 8.98% per year. The increasing amount of domestic waste has become a major problem for economic development and environmental management. Therefore, how to turn waste into treasure and achieve resourceful recycling of waste is an important issue in modern cities as well as in rural management.


As the saying goes, " waste is a misplaced resource". There are many different types of waste, with different components, properties and values. Turning waste into treasure is in fact the re-resourcing of waste, i.e. the direct use of waste as a product, or the reuse of materials and energy resources in waste using appropriate measures. On the one hand, this reduces the amount of waste, saves land resources and avoids potential pollution; on the other hand, the comprehensive use of waste to produce new products can also yield higher economic benefits, which can be described as both ecological and economic benefits. Waste separation is a prerequisite in the whole process from waste generation to recycling. A strict waste separation system is an important guarantee for the diversion and effective use of waste.

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