How to Choose Ton Bags Shredding Equipment?

Many customers may not know what the ton bag shredding equipment is, so today we will briefly discuss about it. Ton bags are flexible transportation packaging tools that have the advantages of moisture resistance, dust proof, radiation resistance, firmness and safety. They have sufficient strength in structure and are easy to load, unload, and transport. Therefore, they are a kind of highly used industrial packaging product. The waste ton bags belong to industrial solid waste and need to be disposed of in a reasonable way.

The treatment of waste ton bags usually requires qualified enterprises to handle them, usually after shredding and incineration, mostly used for collaborative treatment in cement kilns. Two types of equipment are generally used for shredding, double-shaft shearing shredder and single-shaft fine shredder.

The double-shaft shearing shredder uses two groups of relatively rotating cutters to form a cutting and tearing effect on materials. The equipment has low rotational speed, high torque, high shearing force, strong shredding power, and perfect tearing effect. It can cut large materials such as waste furniture, sofas, mattresses, plastics, leathers, waste household appliances, waste tires, crop straws, etc. into smaller sizes at once. Usually, the discharge size of shredded ton bags is around 100-300mm, which can meet the incineration requirements of the back-end cement kiln. Of course, the specific size that needs to be shredded also depends on the feeding method of the cement kiln.

Double-shaft shearing shredder

Another type of shredding equipment is single-shaft fine shredder: the fine shredder is used for the secondary or tertiary shredding treatment of solid waste, achieving the demand for further fine shredding of materials. The circular cutting mode formed by the “V” shaped arrangement of movable cutters and tooth-shaped fixed cutters designed by GEP ECOTECH can finely shred various industrial waste. The discharge size can be flexibly controlled by adjusting the aperture size of the screen to meet the shredding needs under different working conditions.

single-shaft fine shredder

The specific selection of double-shaft shearing shredder and single-shaft fine shredder depends on the usage requirements of the back-end. GEP ECOTECH has a lot of experience and practical cases in various industrial solid waste disposal. If you also have ton bags to handle and are unsure how to choose the equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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