Electronic Waste Shredding & Recycling


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Electronic waste (WEEE), which contains a wide range of electronic and electrical equipment, is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. E-waste contains many heavy metals and toxic substances, and improper storage and disposal can lead to serious environmental pollution. Countries and international organisations around the world have developed comprehensive laws and regulations for the disposal of e-waste.

The shredding of e-waste is the first stage in the environmentally sound treatment and recycling process and is crucial to the efficiency of subsequent treatment AIShred has flexible e-waste shredding solutions to facilitate the shredding requirements of disposal units of different sizes and technology routes, and we also offer electromagnetic and eddy current sorting solutions to separate the various valuable metals in e-waste.

AIShred offers industrial shredders, hammer crushers and pulverizes capable of shredding e-waste down to a minimum of 3mm, suitable for almost all subsequent processing requirements.

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