Food & Organic Waste Shredding


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Food waste comes from residential kitchens, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, supermarkets, markets, food producers and processors etc. The main components include starch, cellulose, protein, fat and other miscellaneous materials. The shredding of food waste reduces its volume and facilitates subsequent fermentation to produce compost, biogas or other outputs.

AIShred has specialised food waste shredders to meet the requirements of food waste shredding in a wide range of applications, from small to large scale projects, whether it is a food waste generator or a waste management company. The shredder is highly adaptable to the working environment and the material to be shredded (AIShred food waste shredders can be used in very wet, salty sites such as kitchens, ships etc).

AIShred also offers other equipment for large food waste disposal plants, such as presses, deodorizers, filter presses etc.

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