Hazardous Waste Shredding


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Hazardous waste is a variety of corrosive, toxic, flammable, reactive or infectious waste that must be rendered harmless before it can be subsequently sterilised, recycled, landfilled or incinerated. The AIShred shredding technology safely treats hazardous waste, including industrial waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, hospital waste, flammable packaging, etc.

AIShred can design different crushing solutions for different types of hazardous waste to meet the requirements of environmental and operator protection and different regional hazardous waste disposal standards. For example, the use of fire detection, automatic fire extinguishing devices, explosion-proof motors and corresponding control systems enable the crushing of flammable materials such as paint and chemical drums.

Depending on the characteristics of the site, we have a choice of flat-bed and floor-mounted solutions, and AIShred can provide a remote monitoring system for hazardous waste disposal applications, allowing for timely monitoring of on-site operations AIShred also offers SMP systems for industrial hazardous waste disposal.

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