Scrap Metal Shredding & Recycling


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Metals are one of the most widely used materials on earth and are a non-renewable resource, consisting mainly of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, zinc, etc) and ferrous metals (iron, manganese, chromium, etc), which are made into a variety of alloyed monomers and alloyed products that are widely used in production and life.

Most metals have a huge recycling value and with AIShred's metal shredding plants metal products can be efficiently crushed and sorted for transport and subsequent smelting. AIShred's shredding solutions are used for sheet metal, drums, stampings, turned parts, metal molds, aluminum products, radiators, copper wire, metal pipes, as well as special alloys, car casings, auto shredder residue, scrap metal briquettes, lead-acid batteries, etc. for shredding and recycling.

Please note that heavy sheet metal, metal castings etc. are not handled by AIShred equipment.

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