Waste Tire Shredding


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Waste tires have a huge recycling value and AIShred can offer different stages of waste tire shredding and recycling systems designed to increase resource efficiency and reduce space occupation and pollution. AIShred has many years of hands-on project experience and can help customers design a tire recycling line that best meets their disposal requirements, reducing risk and costs and increasing profitability.

AIShred's tire shredding and recycling systems are available in a wide range of flexible combinations. Whether it is for wire separation, the production of rubber blocks, rubber granules, rubber powder or cracking, customers can always achieve their recycling goals thanks to AIShred's strong technical capabilities and extensive practical experience.

AIShred has developed twin shaft shredders, steel wire separators, granulators, rubber breakers, fibre separators, mills, etc., specially optimized for tire recycling applications, which offer outstanding performance in terms of efficiency, durability, reliability, etc. AIShred's equipment is used to process waste tires to produce clean rubber blocks, rubber granules, rubber powder, fuel oil, carbon black, etc. high value-added products.

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