Biomass Fuel Processing


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Biomass is a form of energy derived from organic matter and is a renewable energy source. AIShred's biomass fuel pre-processing system can turn logs, garden waste, branches, wood waste, wood chips, corn and wheat straw, bagasse, palm husks and other agricultural and forestry waste into a size suitable for combustion in boilers, either independently or mixed with other fuels. Improves combustion efficiency and ensures continuous supply.

AIShred's biomass fuel pre-treatment systems are used extensively in biomass power stations or cogeneration plants. We design fuel pre-treatment solutions according to the type of biomass and boiler type to ensure that the fuel is of the desired size.

AIShred has a wide range of shredding plants for the fuel-based preparation of all biomass materials. Our Pre-Shredders can shred huge logs, Double Shaft Shear Shredders can shred a wide range of crop straw, garden waste etc. down to 50mm and finer particles can be shredded with AIShred's Single Shaft Shredders and Double Rotor Shredders. In addition, AIShred also offers other customised shredding equipment.

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