Municipal Solid Waste Shredding


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Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) originates from domestic and general commercial activities and its main components include plastics, waste paper, metals, wood, food scraps, etc. In less developed areas, municipal solid waste is transported directly to landfill, which not only takes up a lot of land resources, but also contaminates the soil and groundwater, and the irritating gases can pollute even the surrounding kilometres.

By shredding and screening municipal solid waste, valuable materials such as metals can be recovered and combustible materials can be made into waste-derived fuels for power or heat generation, while organic materials can be fermented to make compost or biogas.

AIShred shredding and screening technology effectively treats a wide range of municipal solid waste, both sorted and unsorted, using simple equipment for well sorted waste and a wide range of different equipment for unsorted waste.

In addition, we can provide landfill stock disposal facilities to reduce pollution and extend the life of landfills by re-disposing of waste that has already been landfilled and reusing it as a resource.

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