Industrial Waste Shredding


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Industrial waste refers to solid waste that generated by industrial and commercial activities, include by-products, substandard products, consumables or expired products, etc. There are many types of industrial waste and their properties are also different, but most of them can be recycled or turned into energy. With AIShred's industrial waste shredding systems, industrial waste can be processed efficiently, sorting recyclable materials for subsequent recycling, and combustible materials for bulk material or RDF.

AIShred's industrial waste shredding/recycling systems are custom designed to solve the challenges of the industrial waste disposal process and are capable of shredding a wide range of difficult materials with superb efficiency. Continuous operation and constant reliability is our firm commitment to our customers.

AIShred industrial waste shredding systems have been used in paper mills, industrial parks, chemical plants, industrial waste disposal companies etc. for the disposal of the following materials:

For flammable, toxic and hazardous industrial waste, AIShred also offers specialized industrial hazardous waste disposal systems.

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