AIShred Dual-Shaft Shredder: Necessary Equipment for Animal Carcass Disposal

Animal carcasses or other body tissues usually come from pastures, farms and slaughterhouses, and they are generally considered harmless waste (except for viral infections or special regulations). The disposal of these wastes is quite challenging. Unlike plant organic wastes, animal carcasses have a great impact on the environment. Careless handling may cause environmental pollution and virus spread.

Options for routine disposal of animal carcasses include landfill, composting, incineration and rendering. Before processing, we would recommend an additional preprocessing step to shred the animal carcass into small pieces, as it will increases the efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

GEP ECOTECH's optimized dual-shaft shredders are ideal for this task. It is durable and corrosion-resistant, and can easily handle bones, foreign objects such as iron nails will not affect its stable operation at all.

GEP ECOTECH Dual-Shaft Animal Carcass Shredder

How to select and purchase a appropriate animal carcass shredder equipment? Professional animal crushing disposal needs to understand several aspects:

  • Individual enterprises or aquaculture industry.
  • What is the daily disposal volume (T/H, T/D).
  • What are the requirements for the size after crushing and what size (mm)
  • Land occupation and capital budget of the site.

As for the professional animal carcass disposal equipment, the grain size of the discharged material also determines the output, and the selection is made according to the size after crushing. We recommend large-scale and high-power equipment with large disposal volume, and the price of the equipment will also rise. The quality and effect will be calculated. After you have a detailed understanding of the price and specification of the equipment, we suggest to directly connect with our professional technology and business, According to your needs and supporting technology, we will give you a professional answer.

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