Biomass Fuel Shredder for Industries

GEP ECOTECH biomass fuel shredder is simply a kind of mechanical equipment used for coarse shredding, which is often used in tire disposal projects. Compared with other shredding, it has low knife shaft speed, low noise and low energy consumption.

Biomass includes all plants and microorganisms, as well as animals that feed on plants and microorganisms and the waste they produce. Representative biomass, such as crops, crop waste, wood, wood waste and animal manure. Narrow concept: Biomass mainly refers to lignocellulose such as straw and trees, offcuts from the agricultural processing industry, agricultural and forestry waste, livestock manure and waste from livestock production. Agriculture and forestry production in addition to grain and fruit. Characteristics:Good reproducibility, low pollution, and wide distribution.

Biomass Fuel Shredder

The twin shaft shredder for cleaning biomass uses the shearing principle to shred materials. The equipment has the advantages of stable performance, large processing capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, and simple maintenance. It is widely used to shred tree branches, roots, building templates, waste furniture, etc.

The mobile power version adopts the patented tool design, with the combination of shearing, squeezing and tearing shredding action, it can easily shred tree branches, tree trunks, roots, construction templates and other materials. With diesel engine as the main power source, it gets rid of the fixed installation constraint of electric power drive and can be shredded in suburban areas and large open spaces. Equipped with special transportation truck, long-distance transportation can also be light and free.

The biomass fuel shredding and processing line mainly consists of three twin-shaft shear shredders and multiple chain conveyors, which can shred 40 tons of materials per hour into lumps of about 50 mm, making it easy for large-scale storage, transportation and supply.

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