Choosing the Right Shredder Is Crucial for Scrap Iron Wire Recycling

Scrap iron wire is an infinitely recyclable renewable resource and an excellent iron-making material, so the recycling of scrap iron wire is of great significance. So how do we recycle scrap iron wire? When recycling scrap iron wire, we need to carry out some formal processing to better improve the utilization rate of scrap iron wire, of which shredding is a very important step.

Scrap Iron Wire

However, the shredding of various mixed wires brings particularly huge challenges to industrial shredders. Scrap wire is highly abrasive, heavy, and often bulky. The emergence of GDI shear shredder has successfully solved this problem. It has a good shaft structure design, low noise, durability, easy replacement of blades, and can easily break bundles of wire or loose iron. We call this The machine is a scrap wire shredder.

GDI shear shredder

Features of GDI scrap wire shredder:

  • The scrap wire shredder runs slowly, has low noise and less dust.
  • The blade material is made of special alloy steel and has a long service life.
  • Powerful shredding capabilities and sturdy frame.
  • Specially designed blade rotary cutter with high efficiency and high output.
  • Unique power design, removable, convenient for cleaning, maintenance and upkeep.
  • Intelligent system control, safe and reliable to use, overload protection, automatic reset.
  • Recycled wire can be close to 100% pure.
  • Low investment and high return rate.

The GEP Smart Scrap Wire Shredder is designed for intensive use and is made from components of extremely high quality and reliability: from special steel blades to anti-wear treated grates, which significantly reduce maintenance costs. All models of GEP shredders are the result of many years of experience and are designed using industry-leading technology. Use it if you need to shred scrap iron wire, steel wire, iron sheet, or iron plate!

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