Why do Shredders add so many incidental features

We often encounter users who question our shredders and feel that they come with too many features that are unnecessary. Usually their request is: as long as the crushing capacity is maintained, the simpler the rest, the better, as simple as possible, to bring the price down. I believe there are a few users in other industries who think this way, and I don't think it's unreasonable for them to say so. For example, if we design a shredder product that is structurally simple and brutal, and we focus on one shredding effect and discard all the others to reduce costs and meet the needs of more users, will we be able to occupy a larger market with a low price?

Why add a reversing protection function? Cutters made of alloy steel are so powerful that it can shred anything they encounters

Why do we need to design hydraulic opening and linkage system? Why do we need to design a hydraulic opening and linkage system? When it comes to maintenance, the user's workers can just open the machine manually for maintenance.

There are also each current, oil pressure monitoring system and automatic oil lubrication system, double drive options, etc., can be removed, so that the user with manual operation to replace the automation, the user to buy equipment to save money, our business also do, looks like the best of both worlds, each happy.

However, this kind of low price to buy in the early stage, later rely on manual to make up for the inconvenience of the function, in fact, is not a good account of the clear


The shredder is like any other machine, it is always earning money for the user as long as it still keeps working, and once it has to stop for other reasons, it means that the user is losing money every moment, and the longer it is down, the more money it loses; during the equipment downtime, not only can it not work, but it needs manual maintenance and repair, and every minute is spending on labour costs; in addition to the wages of the working hours for maintenance, it is also necessary to consider such In addition to the hourly wage for maintenance, there is also the cost of the wage premium for such specialist tradespeople themselves. Imagine the additional annual cost of labour incurred for regular oiling and assistance with maintenance, and the additional losses that result from downtime if these are not done properly, compared to automated machine operation. And what about the impact of breakdowns on the life of the equipment? The pros and cons of buying high-end equipment versus simple equipment are easy to calculate.

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