Shredder Plant for Waste to Energy Processing

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants treated around 420 million tons of waste per year worldwide1. Thanks to the production of energy through waste incineration, WtE plants allow materials to be recovered and recycled. decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills and reduce the proportion of fossil fuels used as a source of energy production.

Waste to RDF

Waste shredding plant processes overproduction, bulky waste fractions, large packaging and unsorted commercial waste by transforming them into waste-derived fuels (RDF) in various qualities. These fuels can be sent to waste incineration plants, cement plants, steel plants, etc., to obtain certain economic benefits.

Waste to Fuel Pellet

By pelletization we mean the process of transforming waste, generally into pellets, to make it usable for other applications. To be transformed into pellets, the waste must first be shredded, crushed or pulverized. The materials thus obtained are then processed in a rotary drum or disc pellet machine with the aid of a binding agent, combining until the required size is reached, or they are pressed using a pellet mold. The pelletizing process gives waste a higher energy density, which makes it an effective fuel both for powering plant boilers and for generating electricity.

Waste Shredding System

Waste shredding system is a very most important composition in waste to fuel processing. The shredding system consists of single or multiple shredders according to the requirements of the material and final size, it is equipped with conveying equipment, screening equipment and other equipment. Fully automatic operation, flow hydration shreds the material to the size suitable for combustion.

High-quality fuel requires a reliable shredding system.

Shredder System

About GEP ECOTECH Shredding Technology

GEP ECOTECH is a large industrial company that designs and manufactures a complete range of machines for shredding all types of waste.

GEP ECOTECH machines are characterized by reliability, sturdiness and low environmental impact and above all by an innovative design compared to the standards available on the market.


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