Recycling Treatment of Aged Waste

To recycle and dispose of aged waste, we first need to understand what kind of waste is called aged waste. Aged waste refers to the product of natural evolution after a long period of time after landfilling. After years of microbial decomposition and fermentation, the water content is usually high and the organic matter content is low. Simply put, aged waste is the waste excavated from landfills and is a product of the era of waste treatment. In the past, the main treatment method for domestic waste in China was sanitary landfill, so there are large landfill sites in various regions. In the past decade, the main treatment method for domestic waste has become incineration, so aged waste is all stored waste. Why should aged ;waste be excavated from landfills? There are mainly three reasons:

① Extending the lifespan of landfills: saving landfill land and extending the lifespan of landfills. In addition, it is possible to obtain land resources and reuse landfills.

② Anti seepage inspection and repair: After more than 20 years of use, some landfill pits may have damaged the anti seepage layer at the bottom, and this opportunity can be used for repair.

③ Remediation of non-standard landfills in the early stages: Due to the lack of effective protective measures taken during the operation period, a large number of existing informal landfills have generated pollution such as water, gas, and odor, which has also caused harm to groundwater. By treating aged waste, the original sources of pollution can be eliminated.

 Aged Waste Recycling Line

So the treatment of aged waste is of great significance. How can we treat it as a resource? Aged waste can be mined to obtain organic, inorganic, and recyclable materials (plastics, glass, metals, etc.). Organic fine materials can be used for the treatment of organic wastewater (including landfill leachate), as well as as as organic fertilizers for landscaping. Inorganic substances are usually treated as resources and can be burned. To achieve the recycling of aged waste, screening equipment, shredding equipment, etc. are usually needed to sort out the combustible materials inside the aged waste, and ultimately use it for incineration or further recycling, truly achieving the resource utilization of aged waste.

AISHRED ;has many related project cases in the treatment of aged waste and MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Should you want to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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