UBC Shredder: Accelerate Zorba Recycling

UBC stands for Used Beverage Cans, and as the name suggests, it primarily consists of aluminum beverage containers that have been consumed and discarded by consumers. These cans are commonly used for packaging various beverages, including cocal, soda, beer, and energy drinks. UBC originates from households, commercial establishments, and public spaces, where people consume these beverages and then empty cans are collected by recycler.

Recycling Value of UBC

The recycling value of UBC is substantial and multifaceted. Aluminum, the primary metal in UBC, is highly sought after in the recycling industry for several reasons. Firstly, recycling aluminum requires significantly less energy compared to producing new aluminum from raw materials. This energy efficiency translates into reduced greenhouse gas emissions and conserves valuable resources. Secondly, aluminum retains its quality and properties even after multiple recycling cycles, making it an ideal material for sustainable manufacturing. Lastly, the recycling of UBC reduces the strain on natural resources, such as bauxite, which is the primary source of aluminum production.

Compressed UBC

Preprocessing of UBC for Recycling

Recycling UBC and other Zorba materials may seem straightforward, as they can be directly melted and recast. However, during the collecting process, UBC is compressed and packaged for space-saving purposes. Additionally, metals like copper, iron, and various impurities may be mixed in. Therefore, preprocessing becomes essential before they can be melted down and cast into aluminum ingots. This preprocessing step ensures the purity of aluminum and reduces the energy consumption during melting.

Shredding: Compressed metal packages are shredded into smaller pieces, making them more manageable for further processing.

Separation: Various metals, including aluminum, copper, and iron, are separated using magnetic and density-based separation techniques.

UBC Shredder, the Core for Scrap Preprocessing

GEP ECOTECH's pre-shredders and shear shredders are the go-to solutions for safeguarding the UBC recycling process. These industrial shredders are designed with precision engineering and robust construction, making them exceptionally reliable and durable.

Pre-shredders: These machines excel in the initial phase of UBC recycling. They efficiently break down the compressed UBC materials into smaller, more manageable pieces, ensuring a smooth transition into the subsequent processing stages. Pre-shredders play a critical role in maintaining a consistent and efficient recycling workflow.

Shear Shredders: GEP ECOTECH's shear-type shredders are engineered for heavy-duty performance. They excel in reducing UBC and other mixed metals into fine, homogeneous particles. These shredders are equipped with advanced cutting mechanisms that ensure precise and consistent shredding. The result is a high-purity output ready for further processing.

UBC Shredder

GEP ECOTECH has consistently invested in research and development to create innovative solutions for the metal recycling industry. Their dedication to sustainable practices has resulted in technologies that reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and maximize resource recovery. They have been at the forefront of promoting circular economy principles within the metal recycling sector.

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