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RDF refers to refuse-derived fuel, which is fuel obtained from waste. According to the standards of the American Inspection and Materials Association, RDF can be divided into seven categories: RDF1 to RDF7. Generally, RDF refers to shaped RDF pellets, which are derived from municipal solid waste and obtained after shredding, sorting and pelleting.The RDF technology brings life to the energyization of waste and becomes a new growth point in the field of waste utilization. It is widely used in…


How Much does a RDF Plant Cost?

Alternative fuel RDF (refuse derived fuel) or solid secondary fuel is a fuel obtained from waste. RDF contains high-calorie waste components such as plastic, paper, cardboard, textiles, rubber, leather, wood, etc.RDF can be used as main or supplementary fuel in furnaces of cement plants, thermal power plants, metallurgical furnaces. The calculations performed showed the expediency of replacing gas or coal with RDF in the production of cement.The production of cement requires significant energy…