Disposal of Waste Photovoltaic Panels in Germany

Generally, the service life of solar photovoltaic panels is about 20-30 years. According to statistics, by 2050, the scrapped number of photovoltaic panels will be in the order of ten million tons. Considering the starting point of circular economy, recycling and reusing the scrapped photovoltaic panels can realize the green environmental protection of photovoltaic panels from the source to the terminal. So how should the discarded photovoltaic panels be recycled? Recently, a German company purchased a set of double shaft shear shredder equipment from our company for the disposal, recycling and reuse of solar photovoltaic panels.

Waste Photovoltaic Panels

Crushing is an important part of the recycling process. The photovoltaic panels are first crushed, which is conducive to the next step of recycling and sorting. Usually, double shaft shredder breaking is used to break the photovoltaic panels, and two relatively rotating cutters are used to form the crushing effect of shearing and tearing the materials. The equipment is designed with low speed and high torque. The shear force is greater, the crushing power is strong, and the tearing effect is better. Larger materials can be cut to smaller sizes at one time, with low noise and high stability.

Industrial Shredder

A typical crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panel is composed of 65-75% glass, 10-15% aluminum frame, 10% plastic and 3-5% silicon. Recycling is to sort and reuse these materials. It is mainly divided into three steps: first disassemble the photovoltaic panel components, then crush them, and finally extract valuable metals from the photovoltaic panels through pyrolysis.

As the main competitive product of GEP ECOTECH, double shaft shear shredder has provided hundreds of domestic and foreign customers with solid waste treatment solutions and won good reputation from customers. If you want to learn more about the recycling, treatment and crushing equipment of photovoltaic panels, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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